I'm Hanna Landahl

and I started writing fiction almost ten years ago. The reason I began was that I was hit by depression, and I realized that the only thing that made me feel good was writing. At first, I just wanted to give it a try, see if I could. Then I was hooked.


Now I'm working on my twelfth book.


I live in a small town called Falköping in southwestern Sweden, with my husband, my two teenage sons, and my dog.


I am a trained teacher, have worked as one for ten years, and I am very fond of writing about adolescence.


I love watching teen TV series, and "Skam" is my absolute favorite.

The Teen Heart Series

I also kind of love my Teen Heart book series. With this, I have been able to delve into all the stormy emotions of adolescence.

It's all about love, friendship, puberty, and all those messy thoughts about what is happening in the body during these years. Or not happening, as for Kimmie in "Fourteen and In Love."

The books are traditionally published in Sweden by Ordalaget Publishing. And ever since they were released in Swedish, I have received numerous messages from young people who have identified with the characters.

That has made me decide to translate the books into English and publish them as an indie author.


Some might say I'm mad doing this. Well, I might be. We'll see. 

The first two books in the series will be available in English in 2024, so keep an eye out for this series!

The Hoffman Family Series

Besides from all these coming of age stories I also very mutch enjoy writing about complex relationships for adults. I am currently working on the second book in the Hoffman Family Series.

The first book in the series - Orosmoln hos familjen Hoffman (Trouble clouds at the Hoffman Family) - will be released in Swedish early 2024 and will be published by Polaris Publishing.

The protagonist of the series is Jossan Hoffman, a middle school teacher who has a talent for making things complicated.

Finally, she has found an explanation for why certain aspects of life have been such at challenge for her – she has been diagnosed with ADHD, just like me!

So, yes. It might be that I feel a little extra tender towards Jossan.