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I'm Hanna Landahl and I'm an author of 11 books. I write early teenage fiction books and heartwarming family dramas for grown ups.

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The Hoffman Family Series

Orosmoln hos Familjen Hoffman 

Date of release: January 16, 2024

(Trouble Clouds at the Hoffman Family)

This is the first book in a new heart warming and compelling family drama series. 

Step into the captivating world of Jossan Hoffman, a middle school teacher navigating the complexities of love and family. In this heartwarming tale, Jossan grapples with her past, a lost daughter, and the reappearance of her high school sweat heart.

'Trouble Clouds at the Hoffman Family' is a poignant journey of self-discovery, weaving love, loss, and the enduring strength of family bonds. Join Jossan on a touching exploration where past and present collide, crafting a narrative that lingers with warmth and emotion.

Published in Swedish January 16, 2024. E-book, audio book and paperback, by Polaris

"There is a nerve throughout the story and I look forward to the next book of this planned book series." Liv Wentzel, Btj

Under två timmar

(Less Than Two Hours)

Lost in the humdrum of diaper changes, soccer practices, and the monotonous gray corridors of the Swedish Migration Agency, Staffan feels he's lost both himself and the stature he once held. But now, it's time for a change. Determined to reclaim his identity, Staffan decides to do what everyone else is doing — run the Göteborgsvarvet (The Gothenburg Half Marathon), and not just run it, but conquer it in less than two hours.

In "Less than Two Hours," join Staffan on a winding journey to rediscover his worth. His quest goes awry, pushing him beyond the boundaries he'd never come close to before. It becomes a devastating journey, both for himself and those around him. Instead of advancing his position, he risks losing everything he once had. Will his pursuit for redemption lead to triumph or tragedy?

Availabla in Swedish - hardcover, audio book and e-book


(Wellspring Village)

Embark on a journey with Staffan and Anna as they navigate the challenges of modern life on an increasingly warmer planet. In a quest for a more sustainable lifestyle, their marriage faces new complexities when Anna finds unexpected joy in the eco-village, Ljuskällan (Wellspring Village).

As they grapple with beekeeping duties, self-righteous villagers, and the charismatic founder, Adrian, their choices to do what's right may either unite or divide them.

In this standalone sequel to "Less than Two Hours," "The Light Source" is a contemporary drama exploring the difficulties of making the right choices and the compromises that shape relationships. Will their love withstand the challenges of a new reality, and can one truly live without wifi? Discover a compelling tale of heart and pain in "The Light Source."

Available in Swedish - hardcover, audio book and e-book



(Wellspring Village)

"An accurate and entertaining depiction of the dream of a sustainable life."



(Wellspring Village)

"An accurately captured time document on everyday life and family life in times of climate anxiety."


(Wellspring Village)

"Fits perfectly in times of climate anxiety."

Tara magazine

The Teen Heart Series

Available in Swedish, hard cover,

e-book and audiobook. In English, e-book.

'Love, Love, Love' English version available now!

The title of the English version is '14 and in love' and it will be published in 2024. 

Every morning, Kimmie stands in front of the mirror, desperate to see any evidence that she’s actually going to turn into a woman one day. But she’s still as flat as a board. And that’s not her biggest problem.


There is a new guy at the athletics practice, Love. He’s cute, Kimmie thinks. But it turns out her best friend, Elina, does too.


Like that wasn’t enough, one day Kimmie receives a message from someone who has been gone for a long time. This makes her whole world shiver.


’14 and in Love’ is a novel about intense emotions, friendship, family bonds, and the very first love.

1st book of The Teen Heart Series


The title of the English version is "15 and on fire" and it will be published late 2024. 

Meet Sebbe, Hedda, and Ali – ninth-graders juggling the chaos of love, friendships, and surviving school. Sebbe's gearing up for the big 15, and things are getting seriously real with Hedda. They've claimed this rad old house in the woods as their secret spot, the ultimate chill zone. Plans are set for a game-changing birthday night. Their plans are to have sex for the first time.

But things happen and before the big day Ali stumbles upon some major drama. What's he gonna do? Tell what he saw and betray his best friend?

Book 2 of The Teen Heart Series 

Available in Swedish, hard cover and e-book.


Love, Love, Love (14 and in Love)

"I have a difficulty expressing in words how great 'Love, Love, Love' is and how much it means to many of our students. I believe this book will have a significant impact on our students toughts about literature in general."

Katarina, teacher for 13 year olds

Love, Love, Love (14 and in Love)

"A cozy book for teenagers with a feel-good atmosphere that doesn't shy away from serious topics."

Anna Vilner, Swedish Library Service

Branden (15 and on Fire)

"Exciting book you will immediately be drawn into. Highly recommended!"

Gustaf's Bookshelf 

Only available as audiobooks

Children's books in Swedish

I'm Hanna Landahl

and I started writing fiction ten years ago, mostly because I was hit by depression. And I realized that the only thing that made me feel good was writing. At first, I just wanted to give it a try, see if I could. Then I was hooked.


Now I'm working on my thirteenth book.


I live in a small town called Falköping in southwestern Sweden, with my husband, my two teenage sons, and my dog.


I am a trained teacher, have worked as one for ten years, and I am very fond of writing about adolescence.

I also love writing about complex family bonds.